• Technology Partners

    The nCino ecosystem that drives mutual innovation and collaboration on the Bank Operating System.

    nCino provides global technology vendors with the ability to integrate their software applications and technology services into the nCino Bank Operating System. Through a robust set of digital resources, APIs and security requirements, technology vendors can make their best-of-breed solutions available to nCino customers and users. Below is a list of select partners who are dedicated to transforming financial services with nCino.

    Salesforce is the enterprise cloud computing company that is leading the shift to the social enterprise. Built on top of Salesforce's real-time, multitenant architecture, nCino's Bank Operating System provides an end-to-end cloud banking platform.
    Factual Data by CBC
    Factual Data by CBC offers a diverse portfolio of innovative lending support solutions to the financial services industry. Using the latest technology and quality data, Factual Data by CBC delivers proven solutions to assist with the unique credit needs of financial institutions.
    Compliance Systems
    Boasting 25 years of industry-leading financial transaction experience with award-winning technology solutions, Compliance Systems facilitates a robust document preparation experience from right within the nCino platform.
    As an industry leader in document solutions, DocuSign complements nCino’s comprehensive document generation functionality.
    nCino’s partnership with Equifax supports hard and soft credit pulls across multiple scoring models. Equifax provides customers with better insights, greater flexibility and faster time to market.
    nCino’s integration with Experian enables financial institution employees to qualify consumers, evaluate risk and identify fraud for existing customers and new prospects. nCino has completed both the Net Connect and Experian Independent Third-Party Assessment (EI3PA), certifying nCino as a trusted third-party processor.
    nCino’s integration with FICO provides instant access to FICO’s scoring model, helping financial institutions make sound credit decisions for small business/SME loans.
    IDology’s industry-leading identity verification and fraud prevention technology enhances nCino’s online application, offering a complete and on-demand solution to confirm identity in real-time with a friendly, nonintrusive approach that protects customer privacy.
    Jack Henry & Associates
    Jack Henry is a leading provider of the integrated technology platforms that financial institutions need to process financial transactions, automated business processes and manage mission-critical customer and business information.
    J.L. Sherman & Associates, Inc.
    With 60 years of combined experience, J.L. Sherman & Associates provides key mathematical compliance calculations for the nCino Bank Operating System.
    LexisNexis’ OFAC's Sanctions & Watchlists cover information compiled from multiple authorities and include domestic and global sanctions, plus nearly 1,200 watchlists originating from more than 80 countries translated from multiple languages.
    J.D. Power
    Financial institutions originating automobile loans with nCino’s NADA integration achieve the ability to automatically assess the collateral value of the vehicle so that they can be confident in the quality of the loans they originate.
    OneSpan is the electronic signature solution behind some of the world’s most trusted brands. Through its integration with nCino, OneSpan is uniquely positioned to create e-signature transactions seamlessly from within nCino.
    Since 1919, RMA has been the leader in providing the industry with reliable and accurate financial benchmarking figures including standards for balance sheet and income statement line items.
    Sandbox Banking
    FIs utilizing Sandbox Banking have commented that they have experienced a faster booking experience with fewer errors due to the customer-driven nature of the Sandbox Banking model, including a 97 percent reduction in booking time and the elimination of more than 95 percent of manual booking errors.
    With international operations in place for over 30 years in over 30 countries, TransUnion offers total credit protection right within the nCino Bank Operating System, from credit scores to credit reports and credit alerts.
    Wolters Kluwer
    For more than 60 years, the banking industry has depended on Wolters Kluwer for accurate compliance content.

    Interested in Partnering with the Worldwide Leader in Cloud Banking?

    While nCino continues to innovate and expand the Bank Operating System, there are additional applications and services that can further its functionality, efficiency and value to financial institutions and their customers. In the spirit of creating unparalleled value for the ecosystem, nCino has created a Technology Partner Program that supports partner solutions for specific business processes to facilitate customer access to a broader set of solutions natively integrated with nCino. Complete the initial screening application below, and a member of our Technology Partner Program Team will get back to you shortly.

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