• nCino Change Management Services

    Preparing People for the Technology

    Higher Adoption Equals Higher ROI

    nCino's Change Management Services are offered to help our customers prepare for the transformation that comes with adopting nCino's technology. With eight focused training areas – business case alignment, leadership/project team alignment, resistance management training, communication planning, testing strategy, internal training strategy, measuring success and preparing to "Go Live!" – Change Management Services provides a market-tested, cost and time-effective curriculum that helps get people ready for our industry leading technology, ensuring higher adoption and delivering a success digital transformation experience.

    Manage Resistance
    nCino helps identify sources of resistance and provides specific strategies to pre-emptively manage those friction points
    Protect your ROI
    nCino believes that adoption happens when the technology is ready for people and people are ready for the technology
    Leverage Advocates
    nCino helps identify internal advocates early and provides strategies for how to leverage them throughout the project
    Our Process
    Facilitate discussion, provide structure and framework
    The customer develops their unique CM plan
    Customer executes their CM plan
    Monitor, adjust and intervene as needed
    Same Process, Unique Outcomes

    Although our process is the same (or similar) for every customer, their outcomes and decisions reflect their unique culture and circumstances.

    Boot Camp
    One Day, On-site, with 15-25 Execs, Leaders, Influencers:
    • Business Case Alignment
    • Leadership / Project Team Alignment
    • Resistance Management Training
    • Communication Planning
    • Testing Strategy
    • Internal Training Strategy
    • Measuring Success
    • Preparing to "Go Live"
    "Boot Camp was very helpful in teaching us how to manage the internal resistance to a major change in our lending platform. If I had it to do over, I would have asked for their help before we ever started down this path."
    Brian Pate, CCO, Andrew Johnson Bank, Greeneville, TN
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