• nCino University

    With experienced educators and banking experts on staff, the nCino University team delivers interactive training on the Bank Operating System and offers continuing education and certifications to support user adoption and increased platform efficiency.

    There Every Step of the Way

    nCino understands that the key to success with a new platform is user adoption. nCino University was created as a training tool to unleash the full power of the nCino Bank Operating System to customers and partners. Through an established educational model, users are able to easily understand the platform and improve performance in their current role. nCino University provides customers and partners with on-site training, online video courses, training material handouts, webinars, certification programs, exclusive access to training sessions at nSight, and much more.
    "It was one of, if not the best, training experiences I have had in my 30+ years in banking. They were very knowledgeable and personable, but yet very professional. Kudos to a great team."
    Leigh Anne Light, Andrew Johnson Bank
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