• Bank Customers Over $10 Billion

    From regional banks to global enterprise banks, nCino's Bank Operating System is becoming the preferred solution for market-leading financial institutions.
    Cherry Hill, NJ
    Asset Size
    $303 billion
    TD Bank
    “As the bank continues to deliver on its vision to transform commercial lending, it's essential that we have the best tools and technology to help our customers achieve their financial objectives. ”
    Anthony Sasso,
    President of TD Equipment Finance
    Atlanta, GA
    Asset Size
    $210 billion
    SunTrust Bank
    “SunTrust has some pretty big plans for growth in the future and nCino is a part of those plans. The future is very, very bright. Not only for SunTrust, but also for our partnership with nCino.”
    Pam Kilday,
    Executive Vice President, Head of Operations
    Cleveland, OH
    Asset Size
    $139 billion
    “Moving to a cloud-based single platform approach really challenged us by breaking down our own internal silos and opening our eyes to see that this application could serve multiple segments and make us that much more efficient and effective.”
    Amy Brady,
    CIO and EVP at KeyBank
    Birmingham, AL
    Asset Size
    $125 billion
    Regions Bank
    “The adoption of nCino’s technology supports our efforts to offer our clients a responsive, digital and insightful experience. ”
    Nathan Davis,
    Executive Vice President and Head of Innovation and IT Risk Management
    San Francisco, CA
    Asset Size
    $90 billion
    Bank of the West
    “Cloud-based systems offer agility and scale to keep pace with market changes and customer needs. We are excited about the technology nCino has to offer and how it may impact our commercial bank operations.”
    Augustin de Kerversau,
    Managing Director
    Boston, MA
    Asset Size
    $77 billion
    Santander Bank
    “nCino’s platform automates the lending process from start to finish in a way that ensures a seamless, transparent experience for our customers that reduces delays and inefficiencies and securely connects our clients to our bankers whenever they need them with the touch of a button.”
    Amir Madjlessi,
    Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Business Banking
    Wayne, NJ
    Asset Size
    $32 billion
    Valley Bank
    “Ultimately, we believe that nCino will help us drive process improvement and customer-centric innovation for our commercial clients.”
    Robert Bardusch,
    Executive Vice President and CIO
    Lafayette, LA
    Asset Size
    $31 billion
    “nCino will deliver a holistic view of our client relationships from the convenience of one platform, allowing us to present more timely, personalized offerings and better meet clients’ financial needs.”
    Mike Boyd,
    Director of Strategic Risk Initiatives
    Beverly Hills, CA
    Asset Size
    $26 billion
    Pacific Western Bank
    “Gaining first-hand experience with nCino through our Square 1 division gave us an advantage in evaluating and ultimately selecting nCino to improve processes, enhance the customer experience, and ensure future scalability. The nCino team is knowledgeable, innovative, and responsive, which combine to make them a valuable new partner to our enterprise.”
    Mark Christian,
    EVP-Operations and Systems Group
    Lancaster, PA
    Asset Size
    $16.6 billion
    Fulton Bank
    “nCino helps us deliver simplicity, convenience and speed to our customers, saving them time, money and effort without sacrificing personalized service. ”
    Curt Myers,
    Chairman and CEO
    Columbia, South Carolina
    Asset Size
    $14.5 billion
    South State Bank
    “We’re committed to delivering exceptional service and believe nCino’s market-leading platform will provide our staff with the right tools and digital infrastructure to quickly and efficiently serve customers’ evolving needs.”
    Greg Lapointe,
    Tupelo, MS
    Asset Size
    $13 billion
    Renasant Bank
    “With nCino, we’ll have a more seamless, integrated experience that empowers us to better serve our clients and improve our lending efficiency.”
    Zack Bishop,
    CIO and Executive Vice President
    Blairsville, GA
    Asset Size
    $12 billion
    United Community Bank
    “The automation we get from nCino will be impact enough, but the bigger picture is having all parties work a loan from inception to finish in one place.”
    Annemarie Murphy,
    SBA Chief Operations Officer
    Moultrie, GA
    Asset Size
    $11 billion
    Ameris Bank
    “nCino's capabilities and capacity to streamline our loan operations make it an extremely powerful solution.”
    Andy Cheney,
    President and COO
    Boston, MA
    Asset Size
    $11 billion
    Eastern Bank
    “We’re confident that nCino’s technology will help us better serve the people and businesses of New England.”
    Matthew A. Osborne,
    Senior Vice President
    Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
    Asset Size
    $10 billion
    Customers Bank
    “We work closely with nCino to transform our product offerings on a platform that we trust, and is accompanied by a seamless, easy-to-use process for both customers and employees.”
    Jim Collins,
    Executive Vice President and Chief Administration Officer
    Rockland, CA
    Asset Size
    $10 billion
    Farm Credit West
    “By introducing nCino’s Agriculture Lending solution into our workflow, we have streamlined our lending process – improving turnaround times and increasing collaboration between staff members. Our customers are now benefitting from this innovation. ”
    Mark Littlefield,
    President and CEO
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