• Bank Customers Under $10 Billion

    nCino has become the platform of choice for community banks focused on empowering employees, operating efficiently and building lasting customer relationships.
    Toms River, NJ
    Asset Size
    $7.5 billion
    Ocean First Bank
    “The Bank Operating System allows OceanFirst to maintain customer relationships generated by our commercial lending division.”
    Joseph J. Lebel,
    Chief Lending Officer
    Indiana, PA
    Asset Size
    $7.2 billion
    S&T Bank
    “The scalability and breadth of features of the nCino Bank Operating System not only aligns with our plans and vision for the future, but has already had an immediate positive impact on our employees and customers.”
    David Antolik,
    President and Chief Lending Officer
    Fair Lawn, NJ
    Asset Size
    $7 billion
    Columbia Bank
    “Partnerships with the right technology providers that deliver not only an improved customer experience, but access to the data required to make confident and timely decisions are increasingly important. For Columbia Bank, nCino was the obvious and clear choice.”
    Thomas J. Kemly,
    President and CEO
    Wilmington, DE
    Asset Size
    $7 billion
    WSFS Bank
    “With the automation afforded by nCino’s Bank Operating System we anticipate same-day approvals for small business loans.”
    Glenn Kocher,
    Senior Vice President and Director of Small Business Banking
    Stuart, FL
    Asset Size
    $6.8 billion
    Seacoast Bank
    “We try to think about digital transformation very pragmatically. nCino aides our digital transformation efforts for both our customers and our associates.”
    Jeff Bray,
    EVP of Technology and Operations
    The Woodlands, TX
    Asset Size
    $6 billion
    Woodforest National Bank
    “nCino is a truly all-encompassing solution that will enable us to better serve our borrowers in a fraction of the time.”
    Derrick Ragland,
    President of Commercial Banking
    Clayton, MO
    Asset Size
    $5.6 billion
    Enterprise Bank and Trust
    “nCino's Bank Operating System is intuitive for employees and easily scalable for growth, making the entire process more efficient.”
    Frank Sanfilippo,
    Chief Operating Officer
    Englewood Cliffs, NJ
    Asset Size
    $5.5 billion
    ConnectOne Bank
    “As a technology-forward bank, we’ve always believed in investing in tools that help us improve processes to better serve our clients as they grow, and we found a natural fit with nCino.”
    Frank Sorrentino,
    Chairman and CEO
    Souderton, PA
    Asset Size
    $5.5 billion
    Univest Bank & Trust
    “We were drawn to the efficiencies to streamline credit decisions and file audits, which is critical to our bankers who are mobile and work directly with customers.”
    Hugh W. Connelly,
    President, Business Banking
    Springfield, MO
    Asset Size
    $4.7 billion
    Great Southern Bank
    “By leveraging nCino, we’ll be able to keep up with and support this new business by automating the loan process, allowing us to close loans more quickly and with more accuracy than before.”
    Ryan Storey,
    Director of Loan Operations
    Franklin, TN
    Asset Size
    $4.2 billion
    Franklin Synergy Bank
    “We selected nCino as the system to operate our bank because it streamlines operations and increases efficiency throughout the entire lending process.”
    Kevin Herrington,
    Chief Operating Officer
    Leawood, Kansas
    Asset Size
    $4.1 billion
    CrossFirst Bank
    “Leveraging nCino's Bank Operating System enables us to confidently meet increased loan demand with more speed and productivity by reducing our reliance on paper and empowering employees to close loans more quickly and efficiently than before.”
    Amy Fauss,
    Chief Operating Officer
    Wilmington, NC
    Asset Size
    $3.6 billion
    Live Oak Bank
    “For Live Oak Bank, the marrying of people and process in the nCino Bank Operating system has been POWERFUL!”
    Neil Underwood,
    President and COO
    Clearfield, PA
    Asset Size
    $3.2 billion
    CNB Bank
    “We selected nCino because it met that criteria and can also provide us with back-end processing capabilities that will allow our employees to conduct their business with greater speed and visibility. ”
    Ruth Anne Ryan-Catalano,
    Vice President of Retail Banking
    McAllen, TX
    Asset Size
    $2.2 billion
    Lone Star National Bank
    “One of the many things that we love about nCino is that you can track the loan lifecycle and know exactly what's coming down the loan pipeline.”
    Gloria Guerra,
    Senior Vice President
    Baton Rouge, LA
    Asset Size
    $1.8 billion
    Investar Bank
    “By leveraging nCino’s technology, our entire team will be better positioned to expend time and resources on relationship-building and true value-added tasks instead of duplicative data entry and manual workflows. Our stakeholders deserve an efficient company that leverages technology and employees to the fullest.”
    Travis Lavergne,
    EVP and Chief Credit Officer
    New Orleans, LA
    Asset Size
    $1.7 billion
    Gulf Coast
    “Because of nCino, we’re empowered to better serve our customers, allowing them to apply for loans anywhere across any device, while also providing complete transparency into the process. ”
    Jason Shields,
    VP and Loan Operations Manager
    Lebanon, NH
    Asset Size
    $1.7 billion
    Mascoma Bank
    “Partnering with nCino has allowed us to fulfill our mission to serve the needs of our communities by transforming our retail offerings on a platform that helps drive efficiencies and positive change throughout the bank.”
    Raphael Reznek,
    Chief Information Officer
    Sheffield, AL
    Asset Size
    $1.6 billion
    Bank Independent
    “Bank Independent is committed to providing our customers the right balance of digital conveniences and personal service. Our partnership with nCino will help us deliver just that by streamlining our internal processes and providing more digital options for our customers.”
    Penny Camp,
    EVP of Customer Experience
    Westfield Center, OH
    Asset Size
    $1.5 billion
    Westfield Bank
    “We were looking for a platform to help us be more flexible, to be more nimble, to be more competitive with the larger banks and the nCino platform is able to deliver that for us. ”
    Matt Berthold,
    EVP and COO
    Kingsport, Tennessee
    Asset Size
    $1.4 billion
    Bank of Tennessee
    “We had already established a workflow that would support our future growth, so all we needed was an operating system that could accommodate our processes without requiring us to restructure them to fit into or match the software. nCino was the only solution we identified that was built to support our vision and not the other way around.”
    Robert Bradley,
    Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer
    Johnstown, PA
    Asset Size
    $1 billion
    AmeriServ Bank
    “The transparency and efficiency the Bank Operating System provides will help us more effectively manage customers, and turn prospects into customers more quickly.”
    Jim Huerth,
    President and CEO
    Lafayette, CA
    Asset Size
    $1 billion
    California Bank of Commerce
    “Instead of five disparate systems our people will have nCino up all day, every day; the Bank Operating System has all that they need, whenever they need it.”
    Terry Peterson,
    President and CEO
    Lewiston, ME
    Asset Size
    $1 billion
    Northeast Bank
    “nCino's innovative and comprehensive cloud-based solution will help us provide superior service to our customers.”
    Rick Wayne,
    President and CEO
    Elberton, GA
    Asset Size
    $948 million
    Pinnacle Bank
    “nCino aligns well with one of our core values—to operate with an innovative edge.”
    Shannon Fortson,
    Chief Credit Officer
    Raleigh, NC
    Asset Size
    $895 million
    North State Bank
    “With nCino, we are able to bring the idea of greater simplicity into the lending process. We’re closing loans more quickly and efficiently than before, and collaborating across our banking offices in a way that was not possible.”
    Jonathan N. Krieps,
    Executive Vice President and COO
    Overland Park, KS
    Asset Size
    $715 million
    Bank of Blue Valley
    “With nCino managing customer interactions throughout the loan's life in one place has eliminated duplicate processes, saving time and removing costs just from consolidating multiple systems.”
    Bob Regnier,
    President and CEO
    Jericho, New York
    Asset Size
    $658 million
    Esquire Bank
    “With the nCino platform, our sales relationship managers, senior lending underwriters and lending operations all have visibility into the underwriting process with a touch of a button. This transparency gives customers more insight into our lending process, reduces frustrating redundancies and boosts efficiency for our bank and our commercial customers.”
    Andrew C. Sagliocca,
    President and CEO
    Fernandina Beach, FL
    Asset Size
    $605 million
    CBC National Bank
    “Our manual processes were cumbersome, and reporting was a challenge; nCino will allow us to reduce timelines and provide quick, easy access to loan data across our bank.”
    Durand Childers,
    Executive Vice President
    Tyrone, GA
    Asset Size
    $556 million
    SouthCrest Bank
    “The addition of nCino's Bank Operating System aligns with objectives to increase productivity and growth across broader markets as well as reduce operational expenses.”
    Russ Holland,
    Chief Operating Officer
    Oxford, MI
    Asset Size
    $457 million
    Oxford Bank
    “Working faster and smarter to deliver loan solutions, we fundamentally improve the customer’s interaction with our bank. There is no other solution that can support all of these pain points with the same ease and transparency as nCino.”
    Mike Chatas,
    Chief Risk Officer
    Town and Country, MO
    Asset Size
    $437 million
    St. Louis Bank
    “The adoption of nCino will give our team members more opportunities to focus on what matters most – our clients.”
    Travis Liebig,
    President and CEO
    Evansville, IN
    Asset Size
    $429 million
    First Federal Savings
    “The nCino Bank Operating System gave us a competitive advantage because it allowed us to leverage the capabilities of a worldwide fintech company within our small community bank.”
    Kashona Dotson,
    AVP of Commercial Lending
    Victor, MT
    Asset Size
    $396 million
    Farmers State Bank
    “The timing of this new partnership with nCino dovetails perfectly with our increased focus on establishing new commercial relationships throughout our market area.”
    Kay Clevidence,
    President and CEO
    San Francisco, CA
    Asset Size
    $329 million
    Bank of San Francisco
    “The ability to key in data just once and have that information securely available to multiple stakeholders from any device will be a huge time saver and boost productivity.”
    Juanna Collin,
    Chief Operating Officer
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